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Welcome Mums!

I'm Monique and I'm here to help you to make sense of your bodies cycles.
Get started by taking the cyclical quiz to find out where you're at with your cyclical journey.

You're in the right place if...

  • Your period arrives without you knowing you are due for it
  • You have no idea what day of your cycle you are on
  • You are concerned about teaching your daughter about her menstrual cycle as you hardly know anything about yours
  • You bleed (unfortunately) but you keep trucking on 
  • You feel completely exhausted (and sometimes even more exhausted than completely exhausted if that is possible)
  • You change your mind a lot - and your emotions are crazy
  • You think you can green smoothie your way to energy every day
  • You are bored with showing up and doing the same thing everyday 
  • You need to rest
  • You need the words to explain what is going on inside your body to your partner so they understand you and love you more for it

You can live in a world where...

  • You understand why you are so different each week of your cycle - and what you can do about it! 
  • You feel connected to your emotions and your body so you can be fully YOU all the time (not just the shiny, good versions) 
  • You show your children what it’s like to be fully woman (not a wanna be man)

So how do you get there?

I can help you to get a clear action plan so you'll get to know your changing moods and energy and be able to communicate it to others so you can stop saying the typical explanation of “oh it’s just my hormones making me do/feel this, I’ll be alright soon."

Take the quiz

Go through the quiz to find out what phase of your cycle you are in.

Do one thing that aligns with your cycle today

You’ll get a download of things that will come easily and naturally to you and feel really good.

Be FULLY YOU all cycle long

Now that you understand how your body works on a hormonal level, and that every day is different for you - you are able to embrace who you are on each day and show up with the energy that feels like you. NO more faking it. You'll be modeling the way for your daughter to be fully herself too (and know the best phase to talk to her about periods and cycles)

Start your cyclical journey today!

Meet your cyclical coach, Monique Dickson

Hi, I'm Monique, a mum to 4 children, a beginner un-schooler, farmers wife and a menstrual cycle coach. I help Mums understand the cycles in their body.

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