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August 11, 2022

My homebirth story

I (eventually) birthed our baby girl into the world - in my bedroom, 19 days post dates (not OVERDUE, because babies choose their own timings). It was a powerful moment for me, surrounded by midwives, my mum and hubby, in the birth pool, in the middle of the night while the older 3 slept. For 4 weeks, the birth pool had been set up, to say i was excited and ready was an understatement. I thought i had surrendered - but oh boy, I had deeper to go. I had to really really let go of my expectations,...

April 1, 2022

Write helpful blog articles to showcase your expertise

A growing number of businesses are starting to blog as a part of their web-presence. This new activity allows them to share developments, stories, ideas, competitions and updates - in much more detail than what Facebook and Twitter allow. Until recently, there hasn't been much credible research done on the effectiveness of these business blogs - but we discovered some new findings that we're sure will be of interest to you. In March 2011, Jonas Colliander and Micael Dahlen (from the Stockholm S...

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